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Leveraging 30 year in investment, wholesale banking and working with major trading houses Globally the inhouse capabilities of SHMC is strongest when working on complex special situations and trade finance activities across the product spectrum.

Cornerstone of our capabilities are based on the fundamentals of provide real tangible option based solutions that are actionable verifiable and realistic based on the set of circumstances as discussed with our clients.

Finance Consulting

Leveraging global relationships and the ability to introduce like mined counterparties to investment and wealth management opportunities across the entire trade and finance value chain, our reach and connectivity to the trade flows and investment opportunities are developing where we are able to structure and arrange the investment inflow into the opportunity to capture trade cycle or indeed secure critical core infrastructure and logistic assets across the product groups and markets.

We have the knowledge and track record of working with partnerships from producers, buyers, banking to equity to hybrid capital structures to enhance and secure returns that are reflective of the situation in the markets.

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