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Human Resource

We at SHMC understand that recruitment and selection of the right talent is a complex and lengthy process. From advertising vacancies on the right platforms to screening 100’s of candidates, we invest our time and effort to bring you the best domestically & internationally. We apply data-driven and best practice talent profiling and assessment techniques to reduce hiring risk, improve hiring quality, and take unconscious bias out of hiring decisions. Doing so allows us to select high performers who are a great cultural fit and will stay and grow with your business.

As a leading expert in Recruitment and Selection, we understand that finding the right person for a role is more than just a skills match. Combining decades of recruiting knowledge and a high-caliber level of customer service driven to deliver on your hiring objective, your organization will benefit from our personalized talent solutions.

HR Consulting

Creating Precise HR Manual/Policies Is Our Forte

We go the extra mile to customize HR Manual/Policies that not only speak your organization’s language but also becomes your firm’s extended identity.

The handbooks created by SHMC will incorporate all the things expected of the employees and vice versa. From organization rules to procedures and policies, underlining the correct attitude and work ethics.

All this in line with the UAE Labour Laws.

International Recruitment

 We benefit organizations with their ever-increasing demand for global talents.

As a Middle East Management Consulting, we take it upon ourselves to find the best suited candidates for your company's recruitment needs. Whether your company requires a trainee engineer, a senior consultant, or an CEO; we ful-fill your hiring requirements by going beyond geographical boundaries.


Bridging The Gap Between Candidate And Organization

SHMC believes in being the medium between organizations and candidates. That's why after successful selection, we take the responsibility of guiding the candidates through the organization's culture, ethics, wellbeing, and labour laws of the country and all such necessary information so that the candidates' transition becomes positive and relatively smoother.


 Contact us today to discuss your hiring needs with our expert Recruitment Consultants.

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