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Middle Eastern carriers are expected to post a combined net profit of $3.1 billion in 2024, a rise of 4.8 per cent from 2023 estimates, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) said on Wednesday.



AbbVie to buy drug developer Cerevel for $8.7 billion.


(Reuters) - AbbVie said on Wednesday it would buy Cerevel Therapeutics, a developer of drugs for neurological conditions, for about $8.7 billion in a bid to replace revenue as its arthritis drug Humira faces a raft of new competition.



Oil prices hit lowest since July on demand concerns despite Opec+ cuts.


Oil prices steadied on Wednesday after touching a near five-month low on Tuesday over concerns of slow demand growth in China and a stronger US dollar despite the Opec+ cuts announced last week.



At the heart of what we do are people and the experience and relationship built up over decades in various international markets – seeing not one, but many cycles and changing markets and geo-political situations.

Our approach as SHMC is to put on the table various realistic and executable options and transactions that are not just price focused but take into account our clients strategic need, position in the market and efficiency of execution – creating an ecosystem of sustainability, trust and reliability not just for one transaction, but for subsequent and repeat transactions.

Taking years of corporate, investment banking, trade finance, accounting, wealth management, and analyzing financial and operational risks, blending theses experiences from both sides of the table, to deliver well articulated financial structures and products for the long-term benefit of our clients, their stakeholders and their communities at large.


Leveraging global relationships and the ability to introduce like mined counterparties to investment and wealth management opportunities across the entire trade and finance value chain.


We at SHMC understand that recruitment and selection of the right talent is a complex and lengthy process. From advertising vacancies on the right platforms to screening 100’s of candidates, we invest our time and effort to bring you the best domestically & internationally.


At SHMC, we provide our clients with the expertise and resources needed to help them succeed in the ever-changing business environment. Our consultants are trained in a variety of disciplines such as IT security, IT infrastructure, and cloud-based solutions.

Blue Personal Objects


A specialized management consulting firm dept in financial structures, Human Resources (HR), and information technology (IT) combines expertise across these critical domains to optimize organizational efficiency, effectiveness, and growth. This multifaceted consultancy excels in designing and implementing strategic frameworks that harmonize financial strategies, HR practices, and IT solutions, thereby empowering businesses to achieve holistic and sustainable success.


At the core of its financial specialization, the firm adeptly navigates intricate fiscal landscapes, analysing financial data, and crafting tailored strategies to maximize revenue generation, mitigate risks, and enhance cost-efficiency. Through meticulous assessment of capital allocation, investment opportunities, and cash flow management, the firm enables clients to achieve optimal financial structures that support long-term objectives and adapt to changing market dynamics.

we do what we do to create value and provide tangible ideas across international markets to those immersed in the markets ”



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